"Audeze is known for its premium audio hardware. It is a name associated with excellent, beautifully crafted soundstages, brilliant headphone design, and the delivery of an audio experience that keeps you coming back for more."

"The Audeze LCD-1 are foldable wired headphones. When you first open the secure carry case and reveal the LCD-1 headphones, you might be surprised at their slight and relatively lightweight frame."

"Weighing 250g, the Audeze LCD-1 weighs less than some of their direct competitors, sometimes by more than 100g. Of course, you want to know how that translates to actual comfort, and I'm happy to report that the LCD-1 headphones are perfect for prolonged listening sessions."

"The Audeze LCD-1 uses an over-ear, open-back design. Open-back headphones can leak audio to the surrounding area, but LCD-1 doesn't suffer from this issue. On the other hand, open-back headphones can deliver a less congested, better-rounded sound that doesn't suffer from the feeling of isolation associated with closed-back headphones—but more on the Audeze LCD-1 soundstage in a moment."

"Planar magnetic headphones come with a reputation for the sublime, and the Audeze LCD-1 headphones certainly fit the bill. The LCD-1 comes with a well-crafted soundstage that should suit regular consumers and audio engineers alike, meaning you can plug them in and enjoy the standard sound. Still, the headphones respond extremely well to additional EQ settings, too."

"In that, you actively want to find more music of different genres to test the LCD-1 headphones with. I'm a huge electronic music fan, and the LCD-1's soundstage brings every thumping bassline to the fore, picking out every chirping, twisting beat, or pushing the sound of a euphoric Balearic wave crashing over you."

"The LCD-1 headphones come from Audeze's LCD Reference headphone range. They're built for audio engineers and sound professionals to deliver the best, most accurate representation of music—any genre, any style."