"The LCD-2 Classic ($799), which I will be referring to as “LCD-2C,” is the current introductory model of Audeze’s full-size LCD family of headphones. The LCD-2C is essentially a simplified version of the iconic LCD-2, as they share various design aspects and driver technologies. The LCD-2C retains the LCD-2’s Neodymium N50 magnets, as well as the same magnetic structure; albeit without the inclusion of Audeze’s Fazor waveguide technology."
"Comfort on the LCD-2C was, at least to me, very good. The pads are–in usual Audeze fashion–gigantic and deep; providing ample room for your ears to fit in. While they remain relatively heavy at 550g, and are not as light as the magnesium-chassis LCD-GX, I still found the LCD-2C to be very comfortable and had no issues wearing them even in prolonged listening sessions. Clamp force out of the box was not particularly bad either. I still think that they will need some easing-in, but they did not put as much pressure on my jaw as the LCD-2; which had a pretty vicious clamp in the first couple of weeks of use. My only real complaint for comfort is–again–the headband strap’s stretching. The stretching of the suspension strap can cause the metal headband to come in contact with the user’s head; applying some pressure."
Like on other full-size LCD headphones I have listened to, the LCD-2C has great bass. The LCD-2’s bass has a great sense of depth as it extends very evenly and in almost perfectly-linear fashion all the way down to 20hz with no roll-off that I could hear. The lows here are also extremely clean, with very good control and articulation; it has no bloats causing the bass to sound muddy or boomy. Whilst I still think that the standard LCD-2 and Ananda have slightly better-textured and detailed bass, the LCD-2C is excellent in this region of the frequency response and is about on-par with the LCD-GX."
"I tend to associate full-size LCD headphones with great dynamics that enhance the emotion and energy behind the music, and I think that for the most part the LCD-2C retains that lively element. Listening to things like kick drums provides a very good sense of punch and slam on the LCD-2C just like they do on the LCD-GX and Standard LCD-2. However, I feel like while they have that satisfying low-end impact, they do not always have as much top-end attack on instruments when compared with the latter two headphones. Nonetheless, the LCD-2C has great dynamics; making for engaging listening experiences."
"With the standard LCD-2 being one of my favorite headphones, I cannot help but to admit that I am slightly disappointed by the LCD-2C. Whilst you can definitely get a very good tonality out of it with EQ, it really lacks the technical performance and finesse that the standard LCD-2 brings to the table. If the LCD-2C was still available for its original pre-order price of $599, I think it would actually be a much better option, especially if you are comfortable with EQ. However, at its current $799 price tag and in the current headphone market, I really don’t think that buying LCD-2C makes much sense. From Audeze themselves there is the awesome LCD-GX ($899), which at only one hundred more dollars provides better technical performance, better ergonomics thanks to its magnesium chassis, and a much more natural, agreeable tonality that–ironically–I think sounds more like what listeners expect the LCD-2C to sound like. In that price range there is also the excellent Ananda from HiFiMan, which at $699 offers outstanding technical performance and one of the best natural frequency responses I have heard in a headphone. If you are looking for a headphone with great technical performance with a warm, relaxed tonality or an intro to Audeze, I think that the best options are the LCD-GX which I find to be a great introduction to the LCD series, or just go straight to the standard LCD-2 if you are fine with using some EQ."