"The LCD-GX($899) is probably one of the more interesting headphones I have come across recently. They are Audeze’s high-end “gaming” headset; complete with a red color scheme, and a boom-mic. I definitely did not know what to expect from it going into that first listen, but all I can say for now is that what I got was much, much more than just a gaming headset."
"Comfort is also–for the most part–very good. The pads on the LCD-GX are deep, and large; allowing ample room for your ears to fit in. Thanks to the magnesium chassis, the weight on the LCD-GX is reduced significantly when compared to Audeze’s traditional design. They are definitely still hefty at 460g, but that is almost 200g lighter on average when compared to other full-size LCD-series headphones. Like with the build, the only real issue is that the synthetic leather headband stretches quite a bit, and it can cause the metal headband to come in contact with the user’s head; applying some pressure. I personally did not experience this issue, but I still wanted to point it out as it seems to be a very common point of concern online."
"I wish Audeze made a non-gamer version of this headphone, as I believe the “gamer” tag really undermines what this headphone is capable of for music listening. The LCD-GX delivers a very good, warm tonality (likely the best of any full-size LCD), a solid and comfortable build, as well as technical performance that I personally think is adequate at its $899 MSRP. If Audeze made an LCD-M (M for magnesium) out of the LCD-GX to replace the LCD-2 Classic’s spot in the LCD-series line-up I think it would become one of the best options under $1000."