We're kicking 2020 off with this stellar review of the Audeze LCD-1 portable planar magnetic headphone from David Ireland of Magnetic Magazine. Here are just a few of the things David had to say about the headphones:

"The LCD-1 is an attainable pair of cans from this premium brand that delivers all the oohs and ahhs that you would expect."

"What the LCD-1 brings to the table aside from the affordability factor is a more compact design that folds for producers/audiophiles on the go. If you are a producer or music fanatic, you should be very excited about these."

"The headband is padded just perfectly with a memory foam type of material that feels almost like it's not even there. The clamping force is also dialed in just right, with just enough to provide a comfortable seal but not squeeze your melon too much."

"If you are someone that loves listening to music, whether you are an audiophile, a producer, or just a music lover - these are about as good as it gets for $399."

You can find a lot more detail in the full review here.