Penrose Receives Editor's Choice from PC Mag

"The headset's aforementioned planar magnetic drivers produces robust sound. The bass synth notes and kick drum hits in our bass test track, The Knife’s “Silent Shout,” sounds full and deep, without a hint of distortion even at maximum (and unsafe) volume levels."
"Likewise, the Demon’s Souls remake sounds terrific on the Penrose. I picked up every scrape, shuffle, or bit of movement around my character, with the game’s audio processing panning the audio with the camera and demonstrating solid directionality. The thwip of distant archers came through clearly, along with mindless soldiers' grunts and the armored slimes' squelches. A dragon's roar produced enough low frequency response to sound imposing, without overwhelming the incoming arrows."
"The Penrose is the first Audeze gaming headset that we can unreservedly recommend. Although the Mobius and the LCD-GX are incredible products in their own right, their higher prices and wired nature make them much more suited for audiophiles than gamers. The Penrose doesn’t offer those headsets' clarity (particularly the LCD-GX), but it delivers fantastic, well-balanced audio (minus spatial effects) thanks to its magnetic planar drivers. The Penrose's $299 price, marvelous stereo performance, and Bluetooth connectivity make it worth your attention and earn an Editors' Choice award."
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