"Audeze has done a marvelous job providing a product that targets both audiophiles and gamers, but therein lies the problem. The Audeze Mobius retails for $399. For most audiophiles that price probably comes across as very reasonable compared to what most audiophile equipment goes for. However, for gamers, the most popular high-end gaming headsets only run about $100-150. The jump to $400 might be too much for some, but if you are interested in upgrading your audio experience in the same way you upgrade your gaming system specs, then the Audeze Mobius is absolutely worth it."

"The Audeze Mobius is my favorite gaming headphone on the market right now. Buy it for the sole fact that it is an amazing headphone, first and foremost. The quality of the sound out of your headphones should be your principal interest whenever considering adding a new pair to your collection. From an audiophile perspective, the fidelity of the wired audio lives up to Audeze’s legacy of making some great sounding audiophile-grade headphones. Smooth highs, clarity in the mids and tight bass make these a true pleasure to use in any scenario, gaming or not."

"I was getting about 10 hours of battery life on Bluetooth. I think that’s perfectly reasonable for a wireless gaming headphone these days. Again, being packed with so much tech, planar magnetic drivers, a detachable boom microphone, the battery life will get you through a couple of long gaming sessions without having to charge. I wasn’t complaining."

"The Audeze Mobius offers 3D audio tech with Waves Nx, creating a virtual audio environment with head tracking. The feature simulates a speaker environment in the headset, and it’s fascinating. Tapping the 3D audio button on the left headphone sets a point in front of you and anchors the sound there, as if it’s coming from a pair of speakers. Turning your head makes the audio come in louder through the headphone closer to the origin point, but it doesn’t sound like the audio is shifting ears. There seems to be some real audio wizardry going on her; it really feels like the sound is coming from a position in front of you, rather than getting blasted right from the headphones. It also means if you play some music, close your eyes, and spin around in an office chair or something like it, it feels like a band is revolving around your head. Uses like this are a little gimmicky, but they’re great fun all the same."

"Audeze is the latest vaunted headphones manufacturer to look over at the gaming headset market and think, “We could do that.” And why not? Gaming headsets get a bad rap even nowadays, derided for subpar sound quality and construction. It’s natural that a company renowned for audiophile gear would think it could do better. At first glance, the Mobius shows no sign that it’s a gaming headset. Primarily matte black soft-touch plastic with metallic brown or blue highlights, the headset simply looks and feels like a very luxurious pair of headphones. The over-ear earpads use a combination of soft memory foam and very supple faux leather, matching a strip of padding on the underside of the headband. "