"The LCD-1’s are a pair of open-back headphones, aimed at studio users, musicians, and audiophiles alike. They include an open circumaural design, which is meant to provide an enhanced transparency and sound stage. Each can includes a 90mm over-ear Planar driver, with something Audeze are calling Ultra-thin Uniforce Diaphragms and Fluxor Magnets."

"For those unaware, open-back headphones allow air to pass through the cup to the driver inside. This reduces the chance of pressure building up, thus affecting the sound. That’s good but it does come with its drawbacks, mainly being that open-back headphones are not very good at blocking out external sounds. Good for internal studio use, bad for walking around London with the taxis and buses honking all day. They offer a very spacious soundstage, with near on pinpoint accuracy of a crash cymbal to the left, ride cymbal to the right, and everything else in between. The strum of an acoustic guitar, you can really feel it and I love it. They offer a rich, crisp, natural sound, which really helps you get an accurate representation of the instruments and vocals used on the track. Bass? Yeh it’s present, there’s a punch from them and it’s balanced well with the other frequencies. "

"On your ears, the headphones are very comfortable to wear. They are over the ear, ear cups, and surround your entire ear. This helps isolate the external audio, as well as the comfort factor. There is no active noise canceling provided with these. I say on your ears, as the headband part that sits on the top of your head could be more comfortable. The headband is adjustable, so you can slide each cup up and down to find a comfy fit. They currently retail for $399, so they’re not cheap and they may have outpriced themselves with the average consumer but for professionals, musicians, and alike, I don’t think you’d be disappointed and when you hit that professional level, the RRP is not bad at all. "