"The LCD-1 headphones have been meticulously engineered and feature some of Audeze’s most powerful planar magnetic technology. The 90mm Over-Ear Planar Drivers in the LCD-1 headphones deliver frequency extension from 10Hz up to 50kHz with flawless precision and clarity, helping to deliver the rich, clear sound expected from Audeze headphones."

"While these professional-grade cans are strictly wired, the thick, specially designed cable removes from the headphones completely, extending cable life and making storage easier. We especially appreciate that the cable has reversible connectors going to the earcups, so no matter how you connect the cables, the LCD-1 will always deliver the correct left and right channel information. Additionally, if you want to only listen through one earcup, you can unplug one of the jacks and focus on that input."

"The first thing we noticed when we began testing the Audeze LCD-1 headphones is how comfortable they were. The earcups and inner headband have memory foam padding covered in soft lambskin leather, and the LCD-1 apply the right amount of pressure without clamping down on your head uncomfortably. The headphones weigh 250 grams and the earcups fold down flat for convenient storage."

"Because of the incredibly tuned technology engineered into the LCD-1, sound is allowed to breathe, making it possible to hear what the composer and musicians originally intended you to hear. It was as if the LCD-1 pulled sounds from the forgotten recesses of songs we had obviously heard, but somehow missed out on for decades with lower performance headphones or speakers."

"We had an incredible listening experience with the Audeze LCD-1 open-back headphones. The richness and depth of the sound they produce are amazing, and discerning audiophiles and professionals will relish the full sound. We highly recommend the Audeze LCD-1 headphones if you are planning to use them in a controlled listening environment, or to mix or edit sound where ultimate performance is key, but not if you are wanting wireless and ANC features for your commute or to shut out the world."