"We can so easily picture George Martin wearing LCD-Xs back in the day at Abby Road. (He would have loved them.) Or Max Martin for that matter, who, BTW,  now has more #1 Billboard singles than anyone in history, save for Lennon and McCartney. But we digress:"

"At $1199, the LCD-Xs from Audeze feature an impressive list of specs that also make them among the most advanced headphones on our list, thanks to all of the exotic (Nasa-like) technology inside. You can see the full spec sheet here, but highlights include: double-sided magnet arrays that work to eliminate distortion to crazy low levels, planar magnetic drivers for improved dynamics and frequency response, and an exclusive nano-scale film diaphragms that actually weigh less than the air it displaces. The result: crazy high resolution and the “flattest, deepest, most accurate bass response of any headphone available.” (Their words, though our ears agree.)"

"There’s a night scene in Battlefield I, a solo recon mission in a sleepy French village filled with enemy soldiers. Alone, you crawl head-down through a backyard, hoping to make it to that old red barn before anyone sees… wait. STOP. Is that a dog growling… behind you? "

World Wide Stereo Names Audeze LCD-X Best Planar Magnetic Headphone