The Audeze Penrose Microphone 

Penrose Mic FR Chart

Last year, in Las Vegas we were at a E-Sports tournament. The players were using the headphones from the brand sponsor, but sound engineers were taping a microphone from a different brand for broadcast and taping it. When speaking to the sound engineers, they told us most microphones in gaming headphones were subpar and cannot be used for broadcast.



This was during the time we were on the drawing board for our Penrose headphone and it got us thinking about putting a broadcast quality microphone in the Penrose.

Penrose Mic Polar Plot

Penrose uses our award winning 100 mm Planar drivers. We needed a really good microphone to go with it. So we contacted our friends at Shure, the world most respected microphone brand. Shure’s input was instrumental in helping us create a new standard of voice quality for the Penrose microphone, and we can’t wait for you to experience it. You can learn more about the Penrose and Penrose X next generation console gaming headsets here.

To take a listen to samples of this microphone in wired and wireless modes you can check out the samples we've recorded below from one of the very first production Penrose units.