Audeze only narrowly avoided offering an app for a single gaming headset this year, when it released the much delayed Penrose (look for our review in the new year). Audeze HQ now offers settings for two gaming headsets, the Audeze Mobius and Audeze Penrose.

The two headsets have pretty different features, so their individual settings pages are separated in the Profile menu on the right side of the app. If that seems strange, it’s because it is—usually when “profile” pops up in an app like this, it refers to a custom settings profile you create (which the app also does), not different headset pages. Additionally, your Audeze headset needs to be plugged into your computer to use the app—even though the Penrose is a wireless gaming headset that connects with a USB dongle.

The app itself is pretty cluttered, but the Penrose has far fewer options, so its profile is easier to navigate. However, Audeze HQ lets you adjust each headset’s EQ, and turn on mic monitoring. The Mobius side also lets you set up Waves Nx surround sound.