"At first glance, it’s a very understated design with a lot of information tossed on the box. At multiple spots, Audeze highlights the “broadcast quality” microphone, 100mm planar magnetic drivers, wireless functionality, along helpful guides like compatibility.  After removing the outer box, there is a handy chart showing all the key functions Penrose has to offer. As someone who has spent a lot of time answering hard-hitting questions, like solving the case of the missing HyperX Cloud II accessories (they were in the bag), I genuinely appreciate a product that presents this information briefly, simply, and in a place that is impossible to miss. Under the guide is Penrose surrounded by protective foam, accessories, including a USB-C to USB-A and USB-C cable, plus quick reference. "

"By simply connecting the wifi dongle to my PS5, I was good to go and rather surprised by the sound. I started by trying out Destiny 2. Following the PlayStation 5 version releasing I’ve been getting into it again and was entirely too familiar with the sounds of Taniks and the cries of those who were not blessed with Eyes of Tomorrow with my A50. "

"A good number of smaller, but extremely helpful, features are not present on Penrose. These include going into standby when the headset is removed (they can be set to turn off after a set amount of time with no sound), charging dock, readout of what the headset is doing on an external device and things like this. Penrose also lacks Waves Nx, one of the best features on their previous Mobius, so if 3D surround sound is important, you’d still want to go with those instead."

"As for the microphone, it does a good job compared to headsets, though I wouldn’t suggest trying to build a channel with it. Something like HyperX’s QuadCast or possibly Movo’s UM700 would be better choices. But for standard use, like for a raid, difficult fight, or intense match, you’ll have no issue with it."

"Penrose ultimately comes down to what is important to you. In terms of sound quality, they proved fantastic and lead to a much better overall experience. Even in games, I was very familiar with they left a positive impression and helped elevate the experience. Where they fall short is some of the smaller features or certain setups. Given this is what is important in a headset, I would say Audeze Penrose is one of the strongest wireless choices out there."