"I’ll be the first to admit that when I first saw the launch of the Audeze LCD-GXheadphone/headset, I was quite skeptical. This was a $899 open-back headphone, made for gamers, with a red and black trim and a giant boom mic. It almost felt like it was a money grab to me, especially after they already had just released the Audeze Mobius at the time, which I was an early adopter for. But time went by and I started hearing some good feedback for it. I was also impressed that they got the weight down to a more manageable and wearable weight, something that I feel is the biggest flaw of the Audeze LCD series lineup. I can’t wear any of them for more than a 30 minutes without physical pain! At least until this one came out…."

"The actual headphone itself sports a more modern look similar to their LCD-4z and LCD-MX4 or the more budget-friendly LCD-1 with a grill style that is more raised and beveled and is integrated directly into the cup structure, unlike the other traditional LCD models with a fastened and flatter plate. Behind the external grill is a popping red colored thick screen that sort of reminds me of drawer liner, at least from how it looks. The red contrasts with the black exterior pretty nicely, and I think it looks a lot better in-person than in the promotional video, which I thought was rather cheesy."

"I was taken aback when I first put on the GX and turned on some music. I honestly didn’t know what to expect as I hadn’t read too much about these and only heard some brief impressions from owners. But I was rather surprised at what I heard. I felt like this is what I was expecting the LCD-X to sound like, at least in tonality. It does feel a little less technical than the bright/neutral LCD-X, but this GX has a nice balanced sound that still sounds like an Audeze, but with a more neutral tilt. It still has a warmer sound signature, but no where thick and sometimes dark sounding as some of the others in the LCD series (sans X) that I’ve tried, and this aligns a lot closer to my preferences."

Audio Discourse Reviews the LCD-GX