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One brand that understands that there has been a quantum shift in listening habits is Audeze. Not only have they continued to develop state-of-the-art products, but they have focused heavily on the gaming segment and that was clearly the way to go considering how many millions of people play daily. I’ve raised 3 avid gamers, so I know the drill. So does my bank account. 

I remember trying some of the earliest Audeze models and loving the sonics but really having an issue with the industrial design and weight of the products; I’m a large guy (6’3”) with a big head and I couldn’t deal with the sensation of wearing a suitcase on my head for more than 10 minutes. Audeze has made huge strides in that department but it made me rethink the idea of dropping $3,000 on a pair of headphones unless they were very lightweight – and super comfortable to wear for much longer stretches of time. 

The LCD-1 are nowhere near $3,000; their $399 price tag makes them very competitive in the open-back planar magnetic category. 

They are also very easy to drive and the most comfortable pair of headphones from the brand that I’ve ever worn.

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