The Audeze Mobius is the kind of headset you buy when you have deep pockets and an even deeper wish list. Compatible with PC, Mac, and consoles, the Mobius is a wallet-crushing $400 7.1 surround sound headset of nearly unparalleled quality. From how it feels on your head to how you perceive game audio across multiple genres, the Mobius earns its top-dollar price with equally premium performance.

Offering Bluetooth or wired connectivity, the Mobius also boasts a stellar 10 hours of play per charge and allows you to adjust mic and headphone volume independently with two different toggle switches. It also offers seven different EQ presets to match different audio needs for different game genres. For example, you can prioritize footsteps to give yourself an edge in first-person shooters..

its 3D mode centers your audio experience to your screen so that as you turn your head, sounds come from their source in your video game in relation to the perspective of your ears in actual space. It can track your head up to 1000 times per second and identify sound sources, changing them dynamically as you move. That feature aside, the pure sound quality is stellar, and though you’ll get the best quality out of Bluetooth or USB wired connection (the 3.5mm jack into a console controller doesn’t get quite as loud as we would like, and won’t remember your audio settings when you turn them off), audio is spectacular through the Mobius, and in competitive gaming, your voice will be well transmitted to your teammates.

Beyond the laundry list of features and customizations the Mobius offers, it’s also relatively lightweight and comfortable to wear. It features both a memory foam headband and replaceable contoured memory foam earpads that combine to make long gaming sessions less fatiguing.