"I heard about the Audeze LCD-X from my son’s teacher at Berklee School of Music. The guy swears by these for rigorous studio listening that’s practically as good as any high-end speaker system. I had a chance to try them out, and the depth of sound and overall transparency creates an almost three-dimensional listening experience. The giant, rather heavy earcups won’t make you many friends on the subway (if you ever return to the subway, they’ll probably think you’ve arrived from Planet Vlogosphere). But in the studio, the LCD-X helps isolate you from outside noise so you can focus on the minute details that demand your attention. The bass is what really distinguishes these, though the middle and high frequencies add warmth and a crisp snap, respectively. That translates to separation and richness unlike anything I’ve heard before with headphones. With an ordinary pair of buds or cans you might tap your foot and bounce your head. The second you slip on the LCD-X headphones, it’s impossible not to dance. As befits the, yes, $1,600 price tag, the unit comes with a padded traveling case worthy of 007 and earpads lined with memory foam and shrouded in rich leather."