"Safe indoors means more time for activities like video gaming, binge movie and TV-watching, and, depending on who you are quarantined with, drowning out external noise. When it comes to how we are tuning in (and tuning out at the same time), look no further than California-based audio manufacturer Audeze. Audeze’s Mobius gaming phones blew my mind. In our latest podcast, we spoke with Audeze Founder and CEO Sankar Thiagasamudram about the Mobius headphones. In this episode, he explains the history of this stunning piece of tech, while teaching us about how to shop for a new set."

"The Mobius headphones are more than just an accessory to your gaming, music-listening, and media-consuming needs, they are a powerful platform that allows you extensive customization, head-tracking, and real-world sound to deliver on all your audio needs."

Just check out how these headphones measure up to the crucial in-game sound cues in Counterstrike:

Geek Chic Elite Interviews Audeze CEO, Sankar Thiagasamudram