"The Audeze LCD-X is a headphone that's been around for some time now, however I'm told there was a recent revision near the end of last year that makes it worth evaluating in 2020. For a long time, the LCD-X was considered the first step up into true flagship territory, taking notable steps forward in terms of technical performance over the LCD-2. But now, with the HiFiMAN Ananda regularly on sale at $700, the LCD-Xhas some stiff competition at its $1200 price tag. I had considered the Ananda a bit of a benchmark at its lower price tag, so it's worth asking if the LCD-Xin 2020 is worth the price increase over the HiFiMAN Ananda."

"After Audeze's popular LCD-2, the LCD-X fits in a price range between it and the LCD-3. The question is whether or not its performance is appropriate for its price increase over the LCD-2. The Audeze LCD-Xuses a double sided magnetic array along with Audeze's Fazor elements. In spite of its "full-sized" look and design, the LCD-X is also easy enough to drive, however it does still benefit from a good headphone amplifier and I wouldn't run it from a phone. My guess is the LCD-X was designed with music creators in mind, to be able to work with a wide range of source equipment."

"On the other hand, it's nice to know that when you buy an Audeze headphone you're not left having to EQ blindly just by ear. For listeners comfortable using the Reveal+ preset, either through Roon or EQ software, the LCD-Xis a great sounding headphone. If you're comfortable doing this, and the notion of a slightly heavier headphone doesn't turn you away, the LCD-X is an excellent technical performer and I highly recommend trying it. Is it better than the HiFiMAN Ananda? If you prefer a more intense kind of sound with a bit more punch to it, then the price increase may be worth it for you, but I could see a compelling reason to prefer either one"

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