We are honored to be the recipients of the Golden Hardware Award from mmorpg.com. Earning a nearly perfect score of 9/10, the LCD-1 has proven itself to be just as outstanding for gaming as it is for audiophile listening, and professional work.

"When it comes to comfort, these headphones are real winners. The grip force is just enough to create a comfortable seal without causing soreness over time. The use of durable plastics also allowed the weight to remain low enough that I could almost forget I was wearing them if it wasn’t for the pleasant warmness around my ears."

"The planars were excellent in the cacophony of sound of shattering glass and exploding grenades. Even through all of the clatter and bombast, I could still make out footsteps well enough to catch enemies making their way up the stairwell."

"If you're looking to step up your audio, be that music, gaming, or anything in between, this is an excellent way to do it."

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