"Right away, I found the LCD-1 headphones to be lightweight at 250-grams, comfortable on my head while making a good seal, and perfect for gaming, mixing music, or just relaxing and listening to music."


"Most headphones have dynamic drivers that have a voice coil attached to a conical-shaped diaphragm that moves back and forth like a piston within a magnetic field. Whereas a planar driver's diaphragm is flat with the voice coil embedded within it. The advantages of a freely moving flat diaphragm over dynamic headphones are: more accuracy in responding to the audio input signal plus an overall thinner design is possible for the drivers/transducers."


"The LCD-1s uses a single cable that plugs into your headphone amp but is split into two separate unmarked stereo cables each with mini-TRS plugs for both the left and right transducers. Both L/R transducers have stereo TRS input jacks that accept the stereo signal but are wired so that the left transducer (marked "L") and the right (marked "R") get their proper signals--no matter which cables are plugged into either driver. I'm told this clever idea is a feature of all the Audeze headphones. Love it! It's idiot-proof!"


"I was worried about the 'spill' from the open backs but, unless you have them super loud or not on your head properly, the sound leaking out was minimal depending on how close or far away the nearest microphones that would pick up the leakage were placed. I probably would not give these to a vocalist who sings softly and close to a large diaphragm condenser microphone. That's too bad because they sounded great on a wide variety of music genres and at different volume levels.

"So I am factored into my very first pair of open-back, planar driver headphones, and it's an awesome experience! The Audeze LCD-1 headphones sell for $399 MSRP."


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