"Unboxing the Penrose we have the headset, detachable mic, USB dongle, USB Type-C charging cable and an auxiliary cable. There is a quick start guide to explain what all the buttons and knobs do and quick controls to use the Penrose. The Penrose can be used through a wireless connection to a PlayStation console with the dongle, a Bluetooth connection with a PC, tablet or mobile device or just about any other device that supports 3.5m input. The main selling point of the Penrose is that it’s an audiophile quality wireless headset optimized for console gaming, but having compatibility with other devices does add to the value."
"The Penrose didn’t disappoint in any of these and this is my current go-to headset for gaming. Everything sounds full, with all the different audio layers and undertones being clearly audible without any distortion even at high volumes. The independent mic and headset volume controls make it easy to balance chat and game audio where both maintain all of their clarity. The thing with the mic is it can be a pain to position properly. It has a narrow window for the sweet spot where too far you can’t be heard and too close you sound underwater, but it works great once it’s in place. The Audeze Penrose is simply one of the best gaming headsets on the market."

"The $299.99 price tag may cause sticker shock, but compared to some of Audeze’s other products, this could be considered a budget item. More importantly, the quality of the Penrose justifies the asking price. Whether this is being used for gaming, movies or music, any audio played through the Penrose sounds phenomenal and the sound quality is noticeably better than the majority of other headsets out there so the adage of you get what you pay for applies. Using multiple devices simultaneously is an interesting feature but finding practical uses for it isn’t too hard to think up. The cross-generational compatibility for Microsoft and Sony consoles is a timely feature for its release, making it an ideal headset for an audiophile gamer who is wanting to dive into the next-gen consoles while still having a backlog that needs attention. Game soundtracks aren’t talked about as often as graphics, but for many of us the soundtrack is an integral part of the gaming experience. For people in that category, the Audeze Penrose is worthy of consideration as it brings new layers of vitality to game music."