"However, after spending time with the Audeze LCD-GX and the Burson Conductor 3X amp, I might start to turn my nose up at lesser headsets. With a combined RRP of just north of $5,000 AUD, it’s clear that in some cases, money does buy happiness."
"The build quality of the Audeze LCD-GX is top-notch and also quite minimalist. The earcups connect to floating hinges which in turn connect to the “suspension headband.” The speakers are housed in magnesium and are cushioned with memory foam which fits gently and snugly against your head without ever-growing uncomfortable.'
"Continuing with the minimalist theme, and being analog, there are no controls on the earcups themselves. Increasing or decreasing volume needs to be done via software or hardware, whichever platform you’re using. If you have the boom mic connected, you can mute it via the toggle where the cables meet, but that’s it."