"We awarded the AUDEZE LCD2Cs an Editor's Choice award when we reviewed them: they take the original LCD-2's rich bass and unbelievable depth, and wrap it in a wallet-friendly package. Sure, you lose the wood cups and the hard travel case, but who cares? These are absolutely out of this world."

"So why aren't the LCD2Cs in our top five? We have a few reasons. Firstly, we do wish that AUDEZE had fixed the clunky height brackets, and we found the headphones less comfortable than they should be. Secondly, they're getting a bit outdated, and we've encountered some issues with availability. However, the LCD2Cs remain some of the best headphones we've ever tested, and they still manage to compete with newer models in the $1,000-and-up range. While we love models from Focal and HiFiMAN, we'd stack the LCD2C up against them any day. By the way, while the official name is LCD2C, we've seen these referred to as the LCD2 Classic"

The Master Switch Names LCDC2 6th Best Over Ear of 2020