Audeze HQ application

Unlock the potential of your Mobius or Penrose headphones. We have created a specialized control portal called the Audeze HQ application. Fully customize your sound experience with HRTF customization for Mobius, sound profile selection, and a brand new 10-band EQ specifically for Penrose!

Now supporting Penrose Firmware updates for Windows, Mac and Android systems!

Firmware update notes

Latest Mobius firmware (USB v102, MCU 1.71, DSP v25) can be found here.

Do not use any external USB hubs or switches, and if possible, connect to the USB port on your computer that's closest to your motherboard.
For Penrose - Please make sure to unplug the wireless dongle and backup any EQ presets to a computer before attempting firmware updates.
EQ presets and Auto-Shutdown timer will be reset during the firmware update process.
Please note that you should NOT update firmware using a "Virtual Machine," such as Windows running in a Linux environment, etc.
Updates must be done on a true Windows machine, otherwise the installation may cause problems that would require the headphones to be shipped to us for reprogramming.
When installing, you may get a warning message that this software is not from a recognized developer, since this is an early version of the software. If this happens, please click "More info" at the top, and then "Install anyway" near the bottom to continue with the installation.

Visit the AUDEZE SUPPORT CENTER for a step-by-step tutorial on how to setup and use the Audeze HQ App.

You can find some Penrose EQ Preset Packs on this page.

Install over the previous version, no uninstall required.

Android HQ for Penrose is available in the Google Play Store. Updated 3/5/21

HQ App for Windows - Updated 4/28/21                                   HQ App for MAC OSX - Updated 4/28/21

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