This week, Headfonia published their review of the Audeze LCD-1 headphone. In this though and detailed 3 page review, author Lieven touches on everything from packaging to sound analysis to provide a great contextual view of the headphones. Here are a few of the things Lieven had to say about the Audeze LCD-1:

"A perfectly built, small, transportable, beautiful and very comfortable headphone."

"The LCD-1 sound is magical, combining great technicalities and musicality. For such a small headphone, you get a really big and impressive sound. The LCD-1 seriously impresses, right from the start."

"The LCD-1 sounds full and powerful, yet precise and detailed. The delivery is fast, fun and musical, and it will have you shaking your head and tapping your feet in no-time."

You can read the full review here!