"But can these $399/£399 headphones rival audiophile cans that cost twice as much? The answer, of course, is an unabated and resounding yes."

That pretty much sums up what Simon Lucas of TechRadar had to say about our new entry level planar magnetic headphone, the LCD-1. 

"It’s hard to know what’s most impressive about the way the LCD-1s sound."

" They revel in music for music’s sake, and just because they can deliver Anna Meredith’s Nautilus more cleanly, and with straighter edges into and out of individual sounds, more effectively than any similarly priced rival, that doesn’t make them prissy. Nor does their neutral tonality render them undemonstrative."
"Listen to music you’ve heard a thousand times before and there’s every chance the Audezes will find some nuance in there you’ve never really heard before."
You can purchase the LCD-1's on our website, and you can check out the full review here!