"Visually, the Penrose doesn’t take many risks. In fact, it looks extremely similar to Audeze’s other gaming headsets, the Mobius and HyperX’s Cloud Orbit series. I admit, the first time I saw them, the first thing I wondered is if they were really any different from the other Audeze headphones I’ve tried. There have been some big upgrades here, however, and for most gamers looking for a wireless headset, the Penrose is going to be the product of choice in Audeze’s catalog."

"The biggest upgrade is that it now supports 2.4 GHz wireless. The Mobius was only Bluetooth compatible, which isn’t great for competitive gaming, and the Cloud Orbit headsets were each wired only. I was sent the Xbox version and there was no discernible lag on either my One X, Series X, or PC, with which it is also compatible. It doesn’t work wirelessly with Playstation 5, but is low impedance enough to be driven by the new DualSense controller if you don’t mind attaching the included aux cable. "

"Unlike that headset, however, there is no 3D tracking here. Honestly, that’s okay, and considering it’s $100 less expensive, I call it a fair trade. The 3D head tracking was neat but didn’t gain traction in the mainstream the way it might have, frequently feeling un-utilized or even gimmicky depending on the game. Here, the natural positionality is more than enough without needing to turn your head to pinpoint sounds. "

"With the Audeze Mobius coming in at $399 and the Audeze-designed HyperX Cloud Orbit coming in at $199, the Penrose slots right in the middle with its $299 price tag. This remains very expensive for a gaming headset, but the quality is inarguably good. The Penrose strikes a middle-ground between gaming headset and audiophile headphone and is priced to match. I wish the battery life were longer, or that it featured fast charge to get back in the action quickly, so there’s still room to grow, but if you’re someone who loves good audio and needs to hear every detail in your game or soundtrack, you’ll find a lot to love here. "

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