"Bringing their technology from the popular Mobius gaming headset, Audeze delivers planar magnetic drivers to the console crowd with Penrose and Penrose X. While the wireless adapter and Bluetooth connectivity enable use with many different platforms, Penrose X brings premium audio to the Xbox Series X|S along with a premium price tag of $299.99. So how does the Audeze Penrose X perform for the price? Be sure to watch the video below and see all the details. "

"Penrose X uses a wireless 2.4gHz dongle instead of the completely wire-free Xbox protocol. This enables the headset to also be used on PC, which is a huge bonus. To connect to the Xbox, though, just make sure the dongle is in the Xbox mode, plug it into a USB port, and turn on the headset. It’s simple to get up and running and the connection was rock solid, in my experience."

"Like most products from Audeze, the Penrose X sounds incredible. Large 100mm planar magnetic drivers deliver a huge frequency response from 10-50,000Hz. The low end is full, detailed, and impactful while mids and highs come through crisp and clear. Stereo separation and positioning are great for gaming."

"For communicating with teammates, the removable broadcast-quality microphone adds some nice functionality to the Penrose X, though it doesn’t sound great, in my opinion. When recording through Audition on my PC at least, it sounds a bit muffled. Of course, most gaming headsets don’t have a great microphone for streaming or VO purposes."

"At $300, Audeze’s Penrose X is a premium gaming headset that sounds great but is a hard sell considering that it’s the same price as a next-gen console itself. Of course, if you game on multiple platforms and want a great-sounding pair of wireless headphones with Bluetooth, then the Audeze Penrose X definitely ticks those boxes. But with options like the Steel Series Arctis 7X and Turtle Beach Steal 700 Gen 2 for $149.99, it’s a hard sell."