"Audeze is widely considered to be one of the best in the audio business. The company routinely creates some of the best-sounding headphones targeted directly at the audiophile crowd. The Mobius gaming headset is one such device, though it is geared for gaming. The headset offers spectacular sound quality and has several well-designed features, including 3D audio that can be tuned to the shape of the user's head."

"Overall, the fit and finish are excellent. There are other headphones made from sturdier and lighter stuff, but the Audeze Mobius headphones are well-made. Considering they target the gaming market, these cans don't look like traditional gaming gear, which is a plus in my book."

"The included microphone offers solid voice quality suitable for streaming, video calls, and even voice recording. It's about on par with mid-range USB microphones like the Blue Snowball. It is detachable, and there is a dedicated mute switch and volume wheel for the microphone, giving users quite a bit of control over how their voice is captured. A dedicated microphone is still a better option for those reliant on voice recording or streamers that want the best quality voice, but the microphone included with the Audeze Mobius is a step above the ones typically included with gaming headsets."

"The Audeze Mobius headset is one of the absolute best audio purchases gamers can make. The headphones sound excellent out of the box and have lots of customizable options, many of which are targeted straight at gamers. The included microphone is also significantly better than most headset mics and should be adequate for streaming, video calls, and voice recording."