"The Audeze LCD-1 headphones are the smallest planar headphones I have ever seen. Weighing in at just 250g, LCD-1 have shed weight by using lighter weight materials and lots of plastic rather than more upscale materials you might otherwise expect. The end result is a trim, small profile that saves the technology for the drivers

I love that the cable is detachable and that the ends are completely reversible.  This takes the most common failure point with headphones and turns it into easily replaceable part.  And given Audeze aftermarket support today, it probably won’t be long before fancy upgraded cables will be offered from the usual suspects!

I am accustomed to audiophile headsets recommending all sorts of burn in methods but planer magnetic sets don’t vary much over time.  Right out of the box the LCD-1 sounded crystal clear across almost the entire sound gambit. It takes a pretty expensive test rig to really measure frequency response so I will need to lean heavily on my personal opinion which I can only describe as "punchy".