"The folks at Audeze have a reputation not only for high-end headphones but for high-end headphones with a relatively unique set of features. See, these headphones offer Spatial Audio, or the ability to accurately simulate sounds as though they are coming from different sources instead of blasted directly at your ears from either side of your head. Their LCD-1 headphones released in January focused on professionals with incredibly high-end needs and a focus on precision and accuracy, allowing the user to hear music as though they were coming from speakers in front of you."

"That's the real power of these headphones, the versatility. When I'm at my desk, I can connect via USB-C and simultaneously charge the headphones while getting lossless sound quality. When I'm on my couch, I can connect via a 3.5mm jack to my controller and enjoy a gaming session. When I'm wandering around the house doing chores, I can connect to my phone via Bluetooth and enjoy podcasts and music. I have gone multiple days now, where the headphones went on my head as soon as my hair was dry from the shower and stayed on my head until the end of the day with no discomfort, switching between devices with ease."

"Audeze loves good audio quality, but spatial audio is the standout feature here. When I'm in a video chat meeting, spatial audio makes it sound like that person is actually in front of me. When I turn my head, the sound continues to come from the original direction, creating that illusion with spectacular effect. When I'm gaming, it's as though I have a high-end soundbar in front of the television instead of just headphones on, making the whole experience more enjoyable."

"Headphones with ANC use microphones to remove outside noise, so loud sounds don't make it to your years. It's clever tech, and super handy on airplanes and public transit. Unfortunately, it's incredibly challenging to make a set of headphones with this tech on board that doesn't introduce some level of distortion into the audio you're hearing. Audeze had a choice, to continue a focus on sound accuracy and spatial audio quality or to offer active noise cancellation tech, and they went with the former."