"A decade ago, Audeze is the kind of audio brand that might’ve scoffed at the idea of building a gaming-focused headset. But, since then, this high-end brand has come around to our side of things and, in spectacular fashion, ended up releasing one of the best video game ‘phones of all time. In fact, they’re so good that IGN, a leading gaming-focused publication, actually gave them the award for the Best High-End Gaming Headset in 2019. And guess what? They’re still amongst the best. This is due in large part to the inclusion of the brand’s proprietary Planar Magnetic drivers, groundbreaking NX technology courtesy of Waves, integrated Head Tracking and Room Emulation, and a detachable high-end boom mic (so you can use these outside of gaming applications, too). And if the IGN accolade isn’t quite enough for you, they’ve gotten plenty of other top-tier recognition — like a CES Innovation Award, an Editor’s Choice badge from PC Mag and Just Push Play, and so many more."