"Most headphones these days claim to have the ability to place you as a player right into the action as if you were there for real. Most seemed to do that for me, up until this point. Audeze’sMobius Wireless Planar Magnetic Gaming Headphones have swept the competition, making them the headphones that have risen my expectations for future experiences. The Mobius is versatile and delivers on its audio quality in droves, justifying its $399.99 price tag."

"While the Penrose series uses bright colors to contrast the dark black and grey, the Mobius prides itself on the darkness of space. This is most certainly a beautiful set of headphones. It goes perfectly with other black peripherals such as what I have above. I love its mature design, even over the Penrose. This is a $399.99 pair of headphones and the style that they went with really represents that."

"Since I tested the Penrose on Fortnite, I decided to test the Mobius with a more bass-heavy experience to really test out the 3D features. What better game to try these out on than Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare? The first thing that I noticed before even getting in a game was that these headphones have the nicest mic monitoring that I’ve ever seen. Too many times am I scolded for being loud during nap time because I shout due to the fact that I can’t hear my own voice levels. Not with the Mobius though."

"Even the normal audio quality itself when turning off the 3D matches that of the Penrose which is absolutely amazing on its own. I’m truly surprised with just how great the experience is. I didn’t expect it to be as jaw-dropping as it actually is, to be honest. Music as well sounds like you’re at a live concert in your own room. One thing that I was extremely happy about was that even when using the 3.5mm AUX which is how I used it with my Xbox, there is minimal to no feedback which I found to be very fantastic."

"If all of this wasn’t enough to sway me, there’s the Audeze HQ app for PC or Android which allows you to change your listening experience and set it to your preference. You can adjust your head shape to get a proper soundscape, try new sound profiles, or just mess around and experiment with everything to see what you can really do with the Mobius. It almost feels like there’s been no stone underturned when it comes to these things. Audeze has truly created"

"With Mobius, Audeze has proven to me that they’re offering the ultimate audio experience for gamers. I’ve never been so immersed in a game to the point where I feel like I’m literally there being shot at. It sounds cliche but you have to try it for yourself to believe it. At $399.99, you cannot go wrong with the Mobius. It’s an investment and it’s one that pays off within the first few minutes of the game you start. If you’re someone that wants to take their gaming experience beyond the norm, you owe it to yourself to give them a try. Gaming will never be the same again."